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United Academic Watercolor Brushes
Our academic watercolor brush line uses synthetic nylon in place of natural camel hair. The synthetic camel bristles have all of the working properties of natural hair, yet are much more…
12 or more, $1.44
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Yasutomo Flat Hake Wash Brushes
Versatile flat brushes for a wide range of media, including watercolors, oils, Sumi-e painting and blending colors. Particularly well-suited to ceramic arts. Extremely soft, fine sheep hair.…
12 or more, $2.19
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Royal & Langnickel Bamboo Brushes
A select combination of light-brown weasel, horse and deer hair gives these traditional-style, bamboo-handled brushes a firm, even feel. Provide swift, fluid strokes for oriental drawing and…
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Dynasty Ruby Synthetic Student Brush Assortment
12 each of sizes 10/0 and 4 rounds, 1/4" angle, sizes 6 and 14 flats, and size 2 oval. Seamless gold ferrules and transparent acrylic, short handles hold synthetic bristles. 72 brushes.
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Dynasty Economy White Bristle Brush Assortment
A terrific value on an economical, short-handled, white bristle set. The complete assortment contains 12 white bristle brushes in each of six sizes: 1, 3, and 5 rounds, plus 2, 4 and 6 flats.…
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Richeson Round Camel Brush Assortment
These brush tips keep a nice point with minimal shedding! Good quality brushes for budget conscious classrooms or organizations. One dozen each of five different camel hair brush
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Royal & Langnickel Classroom Value Pack Golden Taklon Brush Collection
A great value for the classroom or studio! This terrific selection of high quality, synthetic golden taklon brushes is perfect for painting with acrylics, tempera or watercolors. 30-brush set…
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Royal & Langnickel Artist Golden Taklon Brush Sets
144 brushes in each classroom assortment. Brushes are student-grade taklon, with short plastic handles and aluminum ferrules. Contains 24 each in 6 sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
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Royal & Langnickel Black Taklon Value Pack
Good quality soft black taklon brushes have short, wooden handles and are great for watercolor, acrylic and tempera. Synthetic filaments resist abuse. Features 12 brushes: sizes 14 and…
12 or more, $9.49
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Richeson Economy White Bristle Brushes
Student grade brushes made with good quality, pure hog bristle hair, naturally tapered, with a flagged tip that spreads lots of thick or heavy paint evenly on a board or canvas. Brush
12 or more, $0.89
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United White Taklon Short Handle Brushes
United brushes offer an excellent value for the classroom. Fine quality, white taklon, synthetic brushes are terrific for use with acrylics, watercolors and ceramics. Short red handles.…
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Royal & Langnickel Clear Choice Gold Taklon Brushes
Good quality, gold taklon brushes at an affordable price. Feature short, clear acrylic handles. Bristles are set into seamless metal ferrules. Suitable for use with acrylics, watercolors or…
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Creativity Street MultiMedia Brush Set
A fantastic assortment of brushes. Features two natural rounds in sizes 6 and 7; two synthetic rounds in sizes 8 and 10; two natural flats in sizes 11 and 12; plus two synthetic flats in sizes…
12 or more, $3.49
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Richeson Series 5150 Brushes
Natural white bristle brushes are great for working with larger areas.  Ideal for applying gesso, varnish or large sections of paint quickly and easily. Great for all levels of artists. Short…
12 or more, $1.99
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United #1727 Synthetic Sable Brushes
…superior quality watercolor brush at an extremely affordable price. Soft, supple synthetic sable bristles offer excellent performance for any watercolor technique. Features superior…
12 or more, $4.25
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Royal and Langnickel Economy Taklon Brush Sets
Made with good-quality taklon, these brushes are an economical way for beginning artists to get started with any project. Seamless aluminum ferrules with short wooden handles. 144 brushes
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Royal & Langnickel "E" Red Sable Brush Set
Shader brushes are perfect for oil, watercolor and acrylic techniques. Set features size 2, 6 and 10 shaders. Short handles.
12 or more, $2.59
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Dynasty Round Camel Brush Assortment
A great economical camel set! Features 24 each of camel rounds in sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6; 144 brushes in all. Brushes have short, natural wooden handles. Nickel ferrules. Perfect for…
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Jumbo Brush Set
This unique set contains four very large brushes! One each of gold taklon, brown taklon, bristle and white taklon. Brushes measure approximately 1-3/4" wide and feature long lacquered…
12 or more, $8.95
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Dynasty White Taklon Round Brush Assortment
Finest white synthetic brushes featuring 24 each of five sizes: 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8; 120 brushes in all! A great all-purpose brush for fine artists and hobbyists. Long, wooden…
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Dynasty Black Silver Short Handle Brushes
Black Silver is a uniquely affordable, multi-diameter, blended synthetic that is both durable in performance and elegant in appearance. The silver blend synthetic bristles offer artists an appealing …
12 or more, $1.99
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Dynasty Eye of The Tiger Brushes
Some of the finest art and craft brushes available! Synthetic, multimedia bristles can be used with anything-acrylic, oil, watercolor, ink, tempera and more. Crafted with special short, black…
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United #1827 Synthetic Squirrel Round Watercolor Brushes
United's Synthetic Squirrel Brushes have the same soft feel as natural squirrel hair, yet provide much more strength and durability. The affordable price offers the benefits of a premium
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United #1727 Synthetic Sable Brushes
…superior quality watercolor brush at an extremely affordable price. Soft, supple synthetic sable bristles offer excellent performance for any watercolor technique. Features superior…
12 or more, $12.50
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