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Super Sculpey Medium Oven-Bake Clay
Firm enough to hold its shape and detail, yet soft enough to hand shape and blend pieces together. The perfect blend of Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm. Can be sanded, painted or drilled after…
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AMACO White Art Clay No. 25
…allows opaque and transparent glazes and underglazes to retain their true color and brilliance. Firing range is Cone 04 to Cone 3. Available in moist or dry form. 50 lb. box of moist clay<…
$21.95 - $24.50
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AMACO Marblex Self-Hardening Clay
Self-hardening clays are suitable for all hand methods of modeling. Moist form is ready to use. When dry, modeled objects are hard and durable without any firing and accept any medium. Coat…
$11.95 - $32.50
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AMACO No Sulfur Buff Clay No. 46
The ideal clay for durable dishes and other decorative ware. Requires little to no wedging. Excellent for hand building, coils, sculpture and wheel throwing. Recommended glaze firing…
5 or more, $23.25
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AMACO Versa Clay No. 20
The plastic quality of this clay lends itself to all types of hand building, drape molding and wheel throwing. Delicate pieces may be made almost paper-thin without cracking; reworks and shapes…
5 or more, $23.89
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VanAken Modeling Clay
Professional quality modeling clay at an economical price. Smooth, finely textured clay provides crisp detail. won't harden. Can be melted to pour into a mold. A traditional gray-green…
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AMACO Terra Cotta Clay No. 77
A mixture of finely ground and medium ground red and buff clays. The addition of a medium mesh grog makes this an ideal clay for hand-built ceramics and sculpture without slumping. Works…
5 or more, $28.95
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AMACO Moist Pottery Clay
Save time mixing clay with this natural, gray, moist pottery clay. Exceptionally smooth and pliable, it can be rejuveniated by kneading water into body. Great for use when hand building…
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AMACO Clay Sprig Molds
…patterns in clay! Molds facilitate the creation of textured, embossed and decorative clay surfaces. Just press moist clay onto the porous plaster molds then lift and…
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Walnut Hollow Clay Text Embossing Set
Create perfectly formed letters and numbers in clay! Set includes 160 letter, numeral, symbol and blank tiles, each measuring 3/8" square. Also contains a tile holder and a storage pouch.
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AMACO Mexican Pottery Self-Hardening Clay
Moist and ready to use! Self-hardening clay is suitable for all hand methods of modeling. When exposed to air, self-hardening process begins and clay projects should be completed in one…
$11.95 - $32.50
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Sargent Art Modeling Clay
Non-hardening, long-lasting, reusable brightly-colored modeling clay. Ideal for freehand work, claymation and realistic sculpting. 1 lb. boxes packaged in four 1/4 lb. sticks to keep extra
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Pearl Paperclay
Volcanic ash is mixed with paper fiber for a smooth, white, durable, porcelain-like finish. This moist clay will air-dry in approximately one to three days. Pliable enough to allow you to use…
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AMACO White Stoneware Clay No. 38
Formulated with choice clays for plasticity and whiteness, as well as fireclay for body. Excellent for throwing, slab rolling and hand modeling. Contains no grog, yet features strength for…
5 or more, $23.95
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AMACO Stonex Self-Hardening Clay
Versatile white! Stonex self-hardening clay is suitable for all hand methods of modeling. Moist form is ready to use. When dry, modeled objects are hard and durable without any firing. …
$15.95 - $41.50
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AMACO Stoneware Body Without Grog Clay No. 480
The absence of grog gives this clay a smoother surface and better plasticity. Not as suitable as Stoneware Body with Grog for sculpture, but excellent for throwing and hand building.…
5 or more, $32.75
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Scratch-Art Shade-Tex Rubbing Plates, Cultural
Rub with the flat side of charcoal, pastels, crayons or colored pencils for instant textured shading. An excellent way to create amazingly detailed textures on sculptures, tooling foil and any…
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AMACO Sedona Red Clay No. 67
This earthenware clay has a rich red color before and after firing. Smooth, plastic clay is a perfect choice for all hand building methods, including slab, push and pull, coil and…
5 or more, $22.85
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Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay
Sculpey III features the same excellent handling qualities as original Sculpey, combined with the brilliance of color. Colors are intermixable to create unlimited shades. Easy to work with after just…
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Giacometti-Inspired Sculpture - Project #187
Pottery Wheel For Beginners
…is applied to the pedal, preventing the motor from overheating or burning out. Includes an upright tool support that can be attached to either side of the base; the tool support allows potters…
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Kemper Industrial Klay Extruder
A heavy-duty clay gun ideal for embellishing large sculpting projects, or to accommodate heavy ceramic production. Just load clay into the front or back of the 20" long, 2" wide barrel…
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AMACO Craft Clay Machine
Make even, flat sheets, soften clay or blend colors of polymer clay together. Techniques such as marbling and slabwork become easier when the clay is rolled through this quality…
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Crayola Air-Dry Clay
Self-hardening clay is smoother, finer and less sticky than traditional clay. Great for pinch, coil or slab techniques! No need for baking or firing. If carving is desired, allow to dry…
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