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AMACO Teacher's Palette Glazes
Vibrant, highly concentrated colors are the same color in the bottle as they are after firing.  Glossy finish is great for a one-step decorating glaze.  Mix with AMACO Teacher's Choice
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Kemper Glaze & Bisque Cutter
Tough, steel-coated rod cuts through glaze, bisque and tile. Ideal for enlarging holes that have become filled with glaze. 6".
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AMACO Glazes K-6 Sampler Class Packs
The perfect set for experimenting with different kinds of glazes. Each set contains two colors from six different series. Lead-free, and AP Seal, non-toxic. Glazes are dinnerware safe,…
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Mayco Jungle Gems Crystal Glaze Sets
Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes contain glass frit crystals and specks that melt during the firing process. As the crystals "bloom" and spread they produce dramatic, colorful effects. Feature a…
$53.95 - $174.75
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Speedball Low Fire Earthenware Glazes
Bright, intense colors are highly saturated for spectacular results. Colors range in opacity from semi-transparent to opaque and can be used on earthenware clay bisque fired to Cone 04. Fire
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Mayco Crystalites Glazes
Gorgeous crystal glazes in a safe-to-use, non-toxic formula! Glazes will bloom into brilliant colors with beautiful, variegated patterns. Can be used in combination with other non-toxic …
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AMACO Potter's Choice High Fire Glazes
…for all AMACO stoneware and porcelain clays. Fire to Cone 5-6. For best results, read labels carefully as some colors require special applications, such as uneven, thin or multiple coats of
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AMACO Opalescent Glazes
A liquid, ready-to-use glaze with a high gloss and an iridescence similar to mother-of-pearl. While glazes can be used on any Amaco clay, they develop their greatest opalescence and…
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Mayco Clay Carbon Transfer Paper
Specially treated paper makes it easy to transfer designs to greenware, dried glaze or underglaze surfaces. 12 sheets, measure 8-1/2 x 11".
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AMACO Gloss Glazes
…04 and fire slowly to cone 05. For a clear, covering glaze apply two thin coats of lead-free, LG10 clear transparent gloss glaze and fire to Cone 05. All glazes are lead…
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AMACO Matt Glazes
Amaco Matt Glazes are ideal for decorative ceramics. These glazes are suitable for glazing pottery shapes formed from all Amaco dry or moist firing clays. Because Amaco Matt
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AMACO F-Series Glazes
…F-Series glazes are fritted, leadless compositions. The semi-opaque colors are more intense and brilliant than those of many other glazes and fire with a high gloss. Because…
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AMACO Shino High Fire Glaze Class Packs
Lead-free. Formulated for stoneware and porcelain, the Shino series offers six opaque, iron-rich colors. Your results will vary, depending on the thickness of the application. A thin application will…
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Mayco Stroke & Coat Wonderglazes
The premier product for decorating bisque in one, two or three coats! Apply to bisque fired to Cone 04; one coat for a translucent look or three for totally opaque coverage. Can be used on greenware…
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AMACO High Fire Glaze Class Pack
12 pint set includes colors from several different high fire series in a convenient class pack. Colors include black, clear, white, baby blue, chartreuse, bright yellow, green, scarlet red, orangerie,…
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AMACO Clear Low Fire Dipping Glaze
Formulated for uniformly dipping bisque, this clear glaze stops running as soon as it is lifted out of the glaze bucket. Fire to Cone 05. Lead-free and dinnerware safe. Gallon. AP Seal,…
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AMACO Glaze Crystals
…contrasting colors, any AMACO glaze can be turned into a Crystaltex Glaze. One or more colors of crystals can be added to a base glaze for exciting results. Each piece of…
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Mayco Stoneware Glaze Kits
Mayco's Stoneware glazes are striking whether used alone or in combination with other glazes and provide visual interest and movement, but don't run off your piece. Stoneware Ice
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Blank Bisque Tiles
Decorate your own personalized bisque tiles! Blank tiles are perfect for individual projects or for classroom murals. Just glaze these ready-made, white, bisque-fired tiles, then fire for…
$1.29 - $1.59
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AMACO TL-1 Glaze Texturizer
You'll achieve exciting effects with this extra-special glaze! Apply it over any Cone 05 glaze to create results that are always unique. Finished surface texture depends on the type of…
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United Series Gloss Glazes
United glazes provide a wide color palette for your classroom, at an excellent value. Bright, bold colors will be sure to make finished pieces stand out. The non-flowing characteristics are…
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Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze Spray
Ultra-thick, bright, clear gloss coating that gives the illusion of depth. Just one coat equals up to three coats of other clear spray finishes. Flexible formula won't crack. Super for ceramics,…
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AMACO Teacher's Choice Glazes
Teacher's Choice glazes are non-flowing, so they are great for decorating. Glossy finish is the same bright color after firing as it is in the bottle. Completely mixable for creating an…
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AMACO Teacher's Palette Glazes
Vibrant, highly concentrated colors are the same color in the bottle as they are after firing.  Glossy finish is great for a one-step decorating glaze.  Mix with AMACO Teacher's Choice
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